Klock's Electric is a family owned, licensed and insured electrical contracting company with it's roots based in Austin.  Since 1985 we have provided a broad range of electrical services to both homes and commercial businesses. We pride ourselves in offering prompt and friendly services at reasonable rates and try our best to provide practical and economic solutions to your electrical needs. We're here to help!

Most importantly-- we appreciate your business!


Our prompt, friendly and qualified technicians can visit your home and provide answers to your electrical needs. Troubleshooting, component replacement or installation of new systems are all available.

Call us today for all your electrical woes!


Send your property inspection reports from any of the qualified home inspectors in Austin to Klockola@aol.com for a prompt and reliable quote to correct any electrical deficiencies which might have found. This service is available to all real estate professionals, buyers and sellers. FPE panel boards? Aluminium branch circuit wiring? Don't worry, We've seen it all!


Permitted and inspected replacements or upgrades to your existing main service panels, distribution panels and other primary electrical components when neccesary.

Professional installation of GFCI and/or Arc-Fault protection where needed to meet NEC code requirements and to improve the safety of your home or workplace.


In this day and age LED recess lighting is definitely the way to go. Available in 4" or 6" sizes with a variety of trims, these products offer a long lasting and economical solution to your lighting needs. Also, your existing, out-dated incandescent recess lighting can easily be upgraded.

Let us help you save money on your electric bill!


We have an abundant amount of experience with all types of remodeling projects from kitchen updates to storefront build outs.

We can give you sound advise on lighting, device placement and code requirements to make your project go smoothly. As a licensed Electrical contractor we can secure the necessary permits to insure code compliance and protect your property investment.


" While owner Greg Klock may have closed his funky Burnet Road retail space, which used to be loaded with a curious and disjunctive mix of mid-last century collectibles and ceiling-fan parts, he still takes ceiling fan drop-off work through neighbor Alamo Alarms, just up the sidewalk. Our experience with Klock Electric, however, is through their terrific in-home electrical repair service. While they cover all the necessary superlative bases to earn this title: fast, efficient, cost-effective, the thing that distinguishes them from other firms is that elusive "extra mile" that you so rarely hear about in home services these days. If you pay Klock for an hour service call, they work that entire hour, not by stretching a 15-minute job, but by asking, "What else do you need? How else may we assist?" They are also mighty helpful and not at all shy about offering recommendations and home maintenance tips to save you dough. That is so cool. "

Austin Chronicle, Best of 2001

Klock's Electric is the primary sponser of the DALC Charity School project in Bien Hoa, Vietnam. Since 2014 We have been offering free or low cost English language proficiency classes to low-income kids to assist them in getting better jobs in their futures. Currently over 900 students are attending our two campuses. More information is available in the 'about' section of this website.

" Speaking as Greg Klock's Mother I can give you my highest  recommendation of his services and hard work, He's a good boy but ask him to call you every Sunday for a chat?...Good Luck! "
Mom Klock, recently
" Very reasonably priced, honest work (not gonna try to oversell you), on time, cleaned up, respectful, what more can I say. Lance came when he said he would, did exactly what he said he'd do, and was a pleasure to do business with. I don't do a lot of reviews but after another outfit wanted to charge me quadruple, these folks saved me from that bad experience and deserve my recommendation. "
Robert Petty, Austin TX (JUNE 2020)